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Lecture notes for October 6, 2010

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Political Science
Rebecca Kingston

Plato. Making sense of politics. I. The Just Soul a. Different parts of the soul and looking at it from the inside out b. The spirited part of ourselves has to have an understanding of what it stands for and the idea to have others recognize those aspects of ourselves c. That aspects of ourselves that is attached to the material world d. Doe it mean that it lacks reason? No even when we have appetite we have logiceven in terms of our lesser goals, things that may nit gave a strong attachments of ourselves, we think about how our desires are to be met e. Why does this way of perceiving the soul help with the text? The classes in the city does not have to rep. one aspect of the osul, but rather, these classes represent ppl whos goals and orientations that are focused on a set of things f. We can reconceptulize the city as 3 different ppl who represent different parts of life g. The first provision is between appetite and reason h. Our choices, in satisfying our appetite, are cut off by considerations of a 2 and higher order i. (439E) how is that deemed as a part of the soul? j. Leonties had a desire to look but a feeling that it wasnt right to do so k. According to Plato, the spirit must be considered as a 3rd part of the sou
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