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Making sense of politics

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Political Science
Rebecca Kingston

Political Theory J Week 4, October 6 2010h Making Sense of Politics The Just Soul - Can distinguish parts of the soul by the types of things these parts are drawn to o Reason is not just a calculating capacity, but that part of the soul that longs for truth, loves intellectual challenges, theoretically inclined Involves both knowledge and motivation, a love of truth Philosophers need to have a love of wisdom, erotic attachment or love, wisdom lover, argument lover N Pleasure that guides us in learning N Seek to truth in order to gain a better grasp of it N Reason as a part of the soul is that aspect of our personality that enjoys learning, intellectual challenges - Spirited part of the soul (guardian class) is the part of the soul that is honour loving, that part of us that seeks to be acknowledged and valued by our peers o Includes love of recognition and a sort of energy and excitement we might take to social encounters or public meetings, as well as a knowledge component Know what we stand for, are attached to it, may challenge certain individuals, involve some sort of judgement Like soldiers have to justify position and campaign, spirit has to know what the self stands for and the principles it upholds Emotional and motivational component as well as judgement - Appetite is that aspect of our souls that is attached to the material world and values some sort of acquisitiveness o Does not exclude reason, we need some sort of calculated rationality o Use reason to work out how our desires are going to be met o Can be considered in a way in which each of ourselves at times orient ourselves to the world - Ways of conceiving the soul helps because it allows us to suggest that the classes of the city }L[Z}ZL}LZ]L2o}ZZ}o7ZZZL2}Z} people whose major goals and orientations in life are centered around common things (farmers and craftsmen focus around acquisitiveness and production; warriors focus on honour and recognition; rulers focus on truth) - Can reconceptualise city as three groups of people who hold different understandings of what they deem important in life - Is Plato correct in suggesting soul can be divided into parts? o Division between appetite and reason We all know we have desires (e.g. Food, drink, sex), in addition, we have moments when our drives or motivations seem to counteract our appetites
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