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Political Science
Janice Stein

Machiavelli- The Prince 241110 2:33 PM Lecture 1: Intro Dedicatory Letter Modernity Faith in modernity implies faith in a direction, or a process What does it mean to question modernity? (Modernity or faith) Modernity forever radicalizes itself The further down we go; better things will become Modern view is thought to be the definitive Semester 1: Modern Thinkers Semester 2: Ancient Thinkers 1960s In the 60s modernity was authoritative, but does the authority remain unchallenged? ModernityPost Modernity LiberalismMarxism (Cuba-N.Korea) Communist rule in China Liberal democracy routed communism Now liberal modernity faces constant strain No longer are we confident in our liberal modernity (modern global economy) Mass media, internet contribute to the allure of the third world Anti-western fanaticism, Marxism Democracy vs. fascist thought Reflections of modernity (e.g. Islamic Caliphate) Jargonistic-we crave progress, as well as fear it There are many doubts within modernity itself HOW MANY ARE THE KINDS OF PRINCIPALITIES AND IN WHAT MODES THEY ARE ACQUIRED I According to Machiavelli there are 2 types of states; Republics and Principalities. He proclaims that he will only discuss principalities and not states, examining how they may be acquired and governed. Principalities are either inherited and ling- established or new. So in theyve either been annexed to a ruler or are used to being free. Hereditary principalities, which are accustomed to being ruled by a prince are easy to maintain, because tradition of the princes family makes his position stable among the people as long as he does not make himself hated. Machiavelli tells us of the hardships, acquiring a state presents to a ruler. In contrast to a republic, which is governed by the citizens, a principality is a princely state administrated by the prince and his family. In his note to Lorenzo the new prince, he mentions that republics (conquered by a new prince) are use to living free, avoiding a discussion on republican government. Machiavelli strongly favored the republican forms of government himself. www.notesolution.comOF HEREDITARY PRINCIPALITIES II & MIXED PRINCIPALITIES III:- While speaking of hereditary principalities, he says that since it is passed down to family members, any minimally skilled prince could hold on to it. The challenge however lies in maintaining and governing the state and its people. He makes several observations in support of his reputation for ruthlessness. On friendship he particularly mentions that its contradictory not to betray your friends. For every human being hisher best interest always comes first. Fickleness and selfishness always comes first. We must always anticipate that others will act in there own interest. Conquering rulers must inevitably injure those they conquer, concluding that if you must harm them harm them so that they wont retaliate ever. Here Machiavelli sees the brutality as a part of governing states. Machiavelli believes in using the most efficient and controlled form of violence
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