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Tutorial #3: Plato, Republic

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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

thPOL200Y1 Visions of the JustGood SocietyOctober 17 2011Tutorial 3 Plato RepublicBook IIIGalucons Fever City demonstrates public educationThrough censorship tries to bring forward universality of truthEverything he censors is of deceptionCensors imitation acting he does not want Guardians to atGuardians should imitate a higher level of beingsPurpose of this education is to create people who always act in such a way that the good of the city is what they are aiming forAnd whoever does this best is the best of the GuardiansThis person or group of people will become the RulerTrue Guardian412D Socrates says guardians are supposed to live the city and one that loves the most has the same interest as ones selfThe good citizen should identify himself completely with the cityAnd the one who most strongly abides by this belief will become the Rulerst1 thing to reform in educational system is all these stories about the GodsGods are depicted as making war on each other and changing formsArgument that Socrates makes is that if we agree Gods are perfect beings and dont need anything must also agree that it is irrational for them to changebecoming imperfectIf it changes it simply degenerates because cant get any better than perfectDo Gods lie
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