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Political Science
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Simone Chambers

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October 20thOctober1911606 AMAristotle His style of writing is not acceptable for everyone He wrote huge amount on tremendous topics His method entails likesome people say this and some people say thatand then he asks the reader what one is thinking He has the deepest and richest understanding of politics Plato knows more about what philosophy isCompare to Aristotle Plato doesnt have much knowledge of what politics is about Life Was born in Macedonia and wrote and spoke in Greek His father was a physician for king of Macedonia And he had a marine biology knowledge And his most of earlier writings were about biology At 1819 he was sent to Athens and studied the Plato for 20 years Aristotle criticized Plato on communitarians or communism Plato died Aristotle is not named as the leader and he left Athens And he was finally called Pila the capital of Macedonia in order to become the tutor of the Alexander the Great Alexander the great wanted to be a great warrior and build empire So not clear how much philosophy he learned And by 15 he was on the battle field Aristotle intention was to educated and inform political leaders He left Pilla and he finally returned to AthensAnd he started his own school And that school lived on after his death And he had great reputation In 323 Alexandra the great died And the empire of his went to Greece Everything was uncertain And people of Athens didnt like the maccindonian Aristotle was never citizen of Athens he was always a form and a Macedonian I am not going to give Athens the opportunity to kill philosopher the second time His will tells us about his life And children and wife and distribution of his property and how to treat slaves Plato versus AristotleGeometry vs BiologyBiology is one of the model used for classification and observationSystemic vs aporeticaporia philosophyHedgehog aporia is a puzzle sometimes people think is contradiction And it is a problem that hasnt been solved and system philosophy is a principle that starts small and grows into parts that is big and has form and fits all together in huge system Aporatic starts with problems There is little attemptto put the answer to all these problems into one system Aporatic philosophy is not a process it is just an approach Good vs NatureAristotle operates apporaticallyAnd it is difficult to put all his work into one systemHowever behind all his work is a concept of nature so it is unifying concept Although it doesnt dissolve in systematic Plato gets higher and higher to get into the concept of good And the good makes the
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