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Plato's Republic - Book X

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Political Science
Simone Chambers

ŶŴŴ U`ŵŷ ŶŴŵŵ [_[\W^ W\ [_[\ W^` WU`ŵ `SW O W___`UbWcU[Z`W\[^S^_[UW`W_U[Z_VW^` W\ [_[\ W^_`[TWa_WW__ W"[[V O W[_`\[^`SZ`U[ZUW\`Z` Wc[^VTa` WUSZ`S^`UaS`W`SW`U[ZUW\`aS `^SZ_\S^WZ`#`W$_`_Z` WZ`WYTWc[^V#Y^S_\ZY` WU[ZUW\`[X` WY[[VS[c_ [a`[_WW` W`^a` [X` Wc[^VYbW_` W\[cW^`[Z[c` ^[aY ` WZ[cW^`[Z[c ` Wc[^V#_[W` ZY` S`_ Y W^` SZZ[cWVYW`^a` #` Wc[^VUSZTW aZVW^_`[[VT aSZ_Ê` WUSa_W[XZ[cWVYW`^a` #aZbW^_S_` S`SW_` W c[^V[\W^S`W WZW O W_U^TW_^WS` [ccW^WS`W`[^WS`#Z`WYTWc[^V_ST[bW` WZW` S`_ Y^S_\WVT` [aY `S` X[^_S^W`^aWZ[cWVYWVSWU`_a_WV`[YW``[` W X[^_TW[c` WZW_` Wc[^V[XS\\WS^SZUW_TWWX_USZTW`^aW[^XS_W ‘TWU`_ WZ`S _`S`a_ WY[[V (Z`WYWZUW[^ Z`W Y T Wc[^ V [^_ *Z[cWVYW S` WS`US[T,WU`_ ZZY [^ V[XS\\WS^SZUW_ _TW` ZY_ WWX (SYW_ (SYZY WUSbW O `[^ S_S[^SSWY[^\W[\Wc [S^WU SZWVa\USZ[Z_WW_ SV[c_[Z` W cSTWZYUS_`T\W[\W[ZUW[a_W`a\S\^[\W^__`W[XWVaUS`[Z`X^WW_\W[\W O WX^WWV\W^_[Z^WS/W_` S`` Wc[^V_Z[`c S`` W` [aY `` S`_cS__ SV[c_ S^W,a_`_ SV[c_` [aY `` WZWcWbW^` ZYTa```a^Z_[a`` S`Z[` ZYcS_c S`` S\\WS^WV`[TWŵ [aS^WTZVWVT` WY `Ta`` WZ_[c`VScZ_[Z[a[a ^WS/W` S`` W` ZY_Z` WUSbWS^WZ0`^WSTa`^S` W^Sc[^V[XSYW_TW^S`W_[a O ZY_`` S`` W\ [_[\ W^_` S` W S_`[Y[TSUZ`[` WUSbWbW` W^Wc W^W \[`U_V[W_Z[`[UUa^Z` W_aZY ` O ` W^\ [_[\ W^_cWZWWV`[WVaUS`W\W[\W` SZX[^UW` W`[Y[TSUV[cZ#Ŷ \S^SV[$c` Z` WU[ZUW\`[X` WY[[Vc WZS\ [_[\ W^_WW_` W`^a` ` WZ[c ` S`` WS^W [WTa`[ZW[X` W`^a` _` S`` W_WW_` W`^a` [X` W\[`US U[aZ`Ê` WU[ZUW\`[X` WY[[VU[\W_` W\ [_[\ W^TSUV[cZZ`[` WUSbW V[W_Z0`cSZ``[Y[S_SZZVbVaSTa`S_` W\ [_[\ W^a_`Y[ O SZ_S^W_WX1\[_WV [ccWV[` WSYW_[Z` WcS^W\^W_WZ`` W`^aWX[^_ a_`WZ_a^W` S`` W_ SV[c_[Z` WS^W` WTW_`^W\^W_WZ`S`[Z_X[^\W[\Wc [bWZ ` WUSbW W\ [_[\ W^` WU`^Wb_`WV O S_`S,[^`[X\W[\WZ_[UW`V[Z[`_WW\S_`a_[Z__ SV[c_ [[ [W`_ O ^[^`[T[[2UW^`SZ\S^`_[X\[W`^` S`
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