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POL200Y1StudyGuide20132014WeekOneMachiavellisThePrinceChapters12DedicatoryLetterReadingSummaryReadingThe Prince Machiavelli Chapter 13READING NOTESDedicatory LetterMachiavelli seems to present himself as someone seeking employmentLorenzo the Magnificentgrandson of the real Lorenzo the MagnificentoThis Lorenzo was a mediocre prince who got his fortunethrough inheritanceoMachiavelli is actually being ironic and insulting by calling him Lorenzo the MagnificentIt is customary most of the time for those who desire to aquire favour with a Prince to come to meet him with things The Prince 3Machiavelli sets the standard for gifts to a princeHe ironically gives Lorenzo this book containing his advicethis implies that Lorenzo is incompetent and requires Machiavellis adviceThere is irony in the fact that Machiavelli is giving advice to Lorenzo considering the fact that Machiavelli was part of the Republic that overthrew the MedicioMachiavelli was the usual suspect he was living under enforced house arrest at the time he sent this to LorenzoDoes Machiavelli praise Lorenzo No not at allo that you arrive at the greatness that your fortune and other qualities promise you The Prince 4Machiavelli is implying that the only fortune Lorenzo has is his hereditary oneHighlandsLowlands metaphor anything Machiavelli accomplishes in spite of Lorenzos fortune while anything Lorenzo accomplishes is solely based on his hereditary fortuneoWhat supports Lorenzo is in Machiavellis wayThere is an apparent comparison Machiavelli has insight but no fortune Lorenzo has fortune but no insightMachiavelli presents this to us and demands that the dedicatory letter be published with the book because it establishes the adversarial relationship between him and Lorenzo and also establishes Lorenzo as a character in the bookChapter OneTo be discussed laterChapter TwoWritten as a lullaby for LorenzooIf you inherit a principality you really have to try hard to destroy itoConfidence for Lorenzohe doesnt have to do much to keep the principality running smoothlyThis chapter demonstrates the power of political inertiaChapter ThreeIn this chapter Machiavelli goes back on his writing in the second chapter stating that Lorenzo must work really hard to keep the principality under his controlAlso states that Lorenzo or any other Prince cannot understand his subjectsMachiavelli establishes a clear way for the Prince keep powerwipe out all the other PrincesLectureNotesModernity equals progressBeginning with the modern thinkers to see the problems with them and then to older thinkers to see if they shed some light on the new onesMachiavelliThe ends justify the means the greatest teacher of evilModern Conception of Machiavellimisunderstood as evil when he was a realistMachiavelli was an atheistexposed man as chaotic violent etcItalian Conception of Machiavellirevered because he wanted peace in Italy reunification of ItalyMachiavelli is not a threat and we can subscribe to his ideasTruth teller and liberatorhe was modern
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