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Political Science
Janice Stein

POL200 Nov 4 Hobbes Hobbes leaves no argument unacknowledged Hobbes is the first thinker for whom power, and not the good, is the primary concern Money is one form of power power is the money of human life all human relationships are power relationships power relationships are unequal all human worth is relative a hero has no absolute worth worth is determined by price determined by the buyer and not the seller there is no life of intrinsic worth no meaningful life according to Hobbes, we have worth in the sight of God, and this notion is very dangerous Chapter 11 Hobbes slips into a standard of living together in peace and unity no human being can escape from cycle of desire Hobbes appraises different ways of life religion was a very important topic for Hobbes religion in Chapter 11 POTENTIAL ESSAY TOPIC Chapter 12 our appetites are unpredictable our main
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