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Machiavelli, The Prince: Chapters 3 and 5

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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

thPOL200Y1 Visions of the JustGood Society January 18 2012Machiavelli The Prince Chapters 3 and 5 y Implies about both state rule y one and state rule by more than one y Better to be one betrayed by a friend than to be the one who betraysy Once enemy has been defeated interests of friends are bound to diverge y Morality teaches that friendship is more sacred than interest y Machiavelli feels it would be contrary not to betray your friend y Why do we become friends You seek a means to attaining something from this friendship y Is Machiavelli Thrasymachus improved Whereas Thrasymachus says nothing new Machiavelli insists that he has ysomething new to say and must face it to 2000 years of one philosophic traditiony Were not all princes but we do all have friends dont weSo try to make sense of Machiavellis views on friendship as presented in the first three paragraphs of Chapter ThreeHere he offers not a shocking teaching but a moral one while you can punish a friend who has betrayed you you must never be the first to betray himOr is that what Machiavelli is teachingWhat he seems to sayy He argues with great force for our obligation to honour friendship y Obligation trumps interest y Very moral arg
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