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Tutorial: Machiavelli, The Prince: Chapters 6-8

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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

thPOL200Y1 Visions of the JustGood Society January 30 2012 Machiavelli The Prince Chapters 68 Chapter 6 y Machiavelli is a cynicbelieve that man is small insignificant they are cynical y However Machiavelli is the opposite of this y Cynicism is for those who wish to avoid serious thought however Machiavelli does the opposite of this y Machiavelli is interested in serious questions not simply saying men are evil y What was the proof for that man is not small and they are significant and are capable of achieving great thingsy Proof publishing Machiavellis works doesnt make sense if someone can tae your info and use it and change the way things are then you would not publish it y Prof Orwins Proof chapter 6 the 4 peoples he brought up and admired y Machiavellis vision of politics is not simply negative theres a dimension to ma that is greater than the present y We see this w the founder of chapter 6 people who had vision founded empires kinds of political systems that outlasted them y All of this is encapsulated in what we call armed prophets y Chapter 6 Machiavelli ends it on a low note ends w a lesser example Herroy W last paragraph of chapter 6 the chapter starts small climaxes and drops again w Herro y Herro was a tyranty Machiavelli is not calling him a counter example to the 4 prophets hes simply a less
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