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Political Science
Janice Stein

POL200 Feb 17 At the end of book 4, Socrates seems to have tied up the argument into a neat package Socrates has succeeded at his own argument that justice is good for the human being that practices it The justice to the individual is equal to his happiness If justice means happiness to the city, it must mean the same for the individual Justice must be synonymous to human happiness Socrates has won the argument with Glaucon as well as he did with Thrasymachus But do we know what justice it? The just individual remains an abstraction Justice in the individual becomes an internal matter and the just man emerges as one who only does good for himself The reason behind the actions of a just man remain unstated, but it is understood that they benefit him only Is justice identical and sufficient for happiness? Yes, if we redefine happiness as justice and justice as happiness Does the just man act like that just man is usually understood? The justice of the just man is without reference to his relations with other individuals It is an internal matter This doesnt explain how we should treat others, and how tr
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