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Feb29: Hobbes, Leviathan

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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

stPOL200Y1 Visions of the JustGood Society March 1 2012 Hobbes Leviathan Hobbes Great observer of human nature Aims to save us from ourselves by teaching our worst wounds are selfinflicted Bizarre mixture of familiar and strange familiar conclusions supported by bizarre arguments bizarre twists to familiar conclusions etc Liberal argument for despotismauthoritarianismLiberal argument one that is rooted in the fundamental quality of all human beings and equal rights politicallyNew kind of despotism Thoroughly debunks NMs prince and reinvents him as the faithful servant of the people who owes his authority entirely to them and concerns himself entirely with their welfare He is more our sort of writer than NM Dedicatory letterendeavours in the work is to advance civil powerpromote civil authorityspeaks not to defend particular men in power but in the abstract of the seat of powerlikens himself to the sacred geese of Juno who warned the defenders of invaders saving the city not defending whoever is in power just whoever happens to be therevindicates every existing regime against its attackers external or internalHow can Hobbes evenly defend all regimes despite conflicting principles Paradoxanticipates primary enemy to his work to be religion ChristianityLeviathan a giant sea creature the greatest biggest most powerful of Gods creation the most powerful of all beings except God Leviathan is without fear and king over all children Commonwealth is not a divine creation but a human imitation the means by which humans according to Hobbes rival God both are creators The Commonwealth is the humancreated counterpart to Gods Leviathan Why is it necessary for us to create our own kingNM offers advice to princes Hobbes offers advice to Leviathans Prince is one individual an outstanding man who stands out from the crowd where Leviathan is the sum Leviathan is the crowd is all of us We have met Leviathan and he is usThe head of Leviathan is merely an office that can be occupied by one few or many a creation of the rest of usDemocratization Society is the joint enterprise of us all and the existence of a sovereign is merely the product of that enterprise Chapter 1 We are confined to the prison of the senses All our mental processes go back to sense perception we cant get beyond those sense perceptions We are experiencing the effect of something outside but we cant be sure what it is
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