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Machiavelli, The Prince: Chapters 15-18

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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

thPOL200Y1 Visions of the JustGood Society February 9 2012Machiavelli The Prince Chapters 1518 Philosophy by Plato Either be corrupted for use of others or abandon society But Machiavelli has a third option create your own society Machiavelli though holds that these third types of individuals to form new societies is fear society fears them therefore makes itself their biggest fear Fear is at the centre of it all according to Machiavelli and Hobbes will democratize this fear Machiavelli is the rogue thinker who unlike Plato who decides to reserve himself to the theoretical world actually tries to surmount the effectual world being in favour of a practical goal Machiavelli therefore brings the supreme human being closer to us allows him to collaborate with us Machiavelli though suggests ways of working out this problem of mutual fearChapter 15 Call to arms for modernity Title Human Beings as Such and Ways Through Which Princes are Praised or Blamed Why doesnt Machiavelli call it Virtues and Vices instead of Praise and Blame Machiavelli says he doesnt want to be presumptuous also says this in dedicatory letter for giving advice to Lorenzo Then says my intent is to write something useful to anyone who is able to understand it NOT LORENZO US Philosopher I hold no sin but ignorance A playwright says that through the character of Machiavelli Brings about effectual truth vs imagined truth Effectual truth truth backed by evidence REAL LIFE evidence Effectual truth appliedwhatever works in practice rather than what seems logical You can rewrite what logic is to what worksScience What is true is what you can prove in real life what works What you get is knowledge for the sake of power Knowledge for the sake of itself the classic philosopher is useless its not even real Its just acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowledge One of the biggest influence is in fact Francis Bacon the theoretical foundation builder of modern science he states that the smartest scientist not politician is the greatest benefit to humankind Says lots of people imagine principalities classically Plato and The Republic But there is an enormous gulf between way one is supposed to live and how one actually lives Machiavelli might see that such imaginary principalities are just coping mechanisms for the bewildered
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