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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

October 6th 2011Book III IVEducationNoble lieCommunismPart of the soulvirtues of the state Wisdom courage temperance Reason spirit appetitemust be good in harmony and balanced What is justiceWhy should someone be just same as why should someone be healthy It makes us feel goodMessing with politics when youre not meant to can result in injusticeBook V VIWomenDif btwn men and women is not a difference of a type of soul but rather capacity semiexclusion of women not involved in politics etcIt would have been very suprising to educate women as guardiansWhos going to take care of the children if women becam guardiansfamily dynamics would changePrimarily interested in the idea of unityput the community before themselves breaking ties of the familyThe paradox of the philosopher KingPhilosphers must become kings and kings must become philosophersphilosopher is all about truth and reason it must coincide with political power When politcal leaders are not allowed to persue the truth and philosphers are not allowed to persue power we will not live to our fullest extentNo happiness publically or privately if this does not happenParadox beyond our outside of public opinioncontains a contradiction cant be both A and not Acannot be solvedit is by definition impossibleWho is the philosopherPlatonic idealism Forms and appearancePhilosopher lover of truthrational reasonableDoctrine of the FormsMetaphysics subsection of philosophy tries to answer big questions like what is realityHeraclitus you can never step in the same river twice the world is always in flux always growing decaying always changing nothing is the same nothing is permanent or the samePythagoras truth exists in thought triangle an ideaEssencesideasidealsonly good thingsAppearancesphenomena only bad thingsEg beautygoing beyond beauty and discovering what beauty is through pure thoughtthis is more intense than seeing a beautiful thing like you would analayze a chair what makes a chair using categories and knowledge allowing us to define it as a chair the same can be done for beauty and this is what philosophers attempt to do World of forms contain essences they are universal unchangable independent of us beauty is foreverunchanginghas more reality because it has more permanceonly positive thingsthere is no form of injusticeMaterial world is not constant it changesPhilosopherPhilosophers are viscious and useless because their talents are not appreciated in this worldpeople with great intellect can become viscious but not philosophersThe philosopher and the city first takeembrace that it is a paradox to be a philosopher they must be private and shun politicsThe GoodMost important concept in the world but he cannot describeexplain it in wordswords are a medium of reasonEnvolved in the creation and existance of the worldCauses knowledge and truthThe Good is above knowledge and truth it makes it possibleThe line refer to TUT notesThe cavephilosopher comes out standing in the sun the good and sees the truth understands the essences and the truth of things Philospher sees he is homeone truth he sees is truth about political communities he is not alone a world with politics tailored only to himself is not what The Good is aboutunderstands he must turn his back on the sun and go back down into the cave not to liberate but rather to bring justiceAs an individual he wants to stay but as a philosopher he must go backParadox that the philospher cannot live in the world of the philosper into the sun because that would go against being a philosopherPolitics happen into the cavethey have seen the full truth but must go back into the darkAllegory of education The philosopher and the city revisited October 13 2011Book XBack to PoetsMyth of ErrLike the noble lielessons of you life will help you choose a new lifelove out lives reflectively away from our past lifereincarnation
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