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Plato - the cave

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Political Science
Janice Stein

POL200 Mar 10 Socrates doesnt deny that there are true philosophers, but each one had a story They are born with everything, but give it all up for philosophy Plato himself is such a philosopher Justice was defined as someone who minds his own business The philosopher is someone who minds his own business by remaining aloof from the city Philosophers are sane, but cannot act or persuade others Socrates say that philosophers are the condition of such a regime, but now says that such a regime is a condition of philosopher This is circular logic, therefore it is impossible Adiamentis wants to believe that a city with the rule of philosophers is possible Socrates alludes that the philosopher himself wouldnt be able to persuade the gods A philosopher would wish to devote his entire life to philosophising It becomes a distraction for a good warrior but not a distraction in the sense of Eros The education of the philosopher ruler is different from anyone elses Theirs must be a theoretical and must end in the ultimate question of good and the idea of the good After being educated in the noble lie, the are now educated in the truth The go
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