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Lecture 2

Week 2

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Political Science
Janice Stein

Political Theory Lecture 2 23 September 2010 The Prince Machiavelli Chapter 1 o Acts as a table of contents for books in the Renaissance did not contain such Chapter 2 o Directed to the Magnificent Lorenzo o Discusses hereditary principalities and that they are hard to lose and if one does lose their principality it can be easily regained o sleep sweetly and securely, Lorenzo Chapter 3 o Discusses hereditary principalities again should be completed in chapter 2 o He does this because he has not told everything of such a principality o He discusses that in fact, it is very easy to usurp the throne of the prince o He simply says they need to eliminate the blood line of the prince o He discusses the importance of Friendship and the problems with it as well A usurper will have difficulties with friendship after usurping a principality He states that we are obligated to our friends and you cannot harm them If your friend tries to take back his power, then you are allowed to punish them o The courier says that you should keep your friendships but not for social reasons but rather for strategic reasons However, if they have become useless to you, then you can dispose of them as a friend Your friends are just waiting to betray you so therefore, you must strike first
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