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Platos Republic

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Political Science
Janice Stein

Political Theory: Plato Republic Jan 13th 2011 Genera of the book: Dialogue A conversation with two elements, speech and between (people) Q: What does it mean that Plato is sharing his thoughts with us with the dialogue and conversations of other people? A: there can be unity what emerges from all the different views of the world. There are many different types of people that one can learn from about the world. And understanding the Truth itself of the human world is to understand the interactions of all different types of people and their exchanges. This dialogue is a type of Drama. One of characters Socrates makes many characters very angry and eventually sentences him to death. With each dialogue Plato is showing is the problems that are common to all people on earth. Title: best translation: Regime (not just a set of political institutions or the different parties of the political system) but instead a whole way of life. That is to say something that organizes all aspects of society. From Socrates point of view, was it a conversation that he wanted to have? Conversation is a result of a group of people convincing him to go somewhere where he doesnt want to go When hes with his friend (v) it is voluntary but he was not expecting the other group of people They end up spending the day with these people because they cant just leave and cause conflict. bow to the will of the majority never have the opportunity to say no politely They do this not because its wise and just, but because it is stronger and reasonable The republican starts with a weakness of reason What is the most famous institution that has come from this regime? Aspect of the republic that everyone has heard of: philosopher kings Socrates seems to be quite powerless (like Machiavelli) Setting of the book Port of the city that was the most powerful of the time Do ports resemble universities? At the first look that answer is no BUT.
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