Theories of development Pt. 1

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Political Science
Antoinette Handley

May 18- Theories of development I Nordia (PP- power point heading) Idea of progress crucial in development idea of change and change for the better PP- we all think we know what dev. means but diff. understandings above idea of progress is important (change for the better) idea of change for the better PP-change away from something because change is inherent in dev. we think of change away from something and toward something else question of what dev. is (what your developing away from and what towards is often ideological, not neutral idea) that idea (of what to move towards)is informed by own assumptions and beliefs of what is good, desired and what a society should value your political values inform the kinds of development you have in mind** large disagreement on notion of dev. PP-idea of development Dev. means: change (for the better), movement, progress But towards what? Significant, measurable economic growth growth for modernization theorists is key industrialization that shapes those institutions is also important increase in economic growth driven by Industrialization is at core of Modernization. idea of dev. first emerges within a modernization framework PP-Notion of dev. informs our terminology Underdeveloped countries this term defines countries in terms of what they dont have. For many this term is objectionable because it suggests these countries are stuck- doesnt suggest possibility of progress. and this idea is opposite of what modernization theorists promote Developing countries This was used in response toinstead of above. this term more positive than above but its issues lie in the opposite of the above term because this suggests an incredibly optimistic belief. it didnt capture the reality of all of the states within the categories. This promotes idea that all have the potential to develop Less dev. countries (LDCs) Provides scope for idea that there may be countries way less developed and others a little more dev. Third World countries From a time when world divided between West, Soviets, The Rest. (more about Cold war politics)
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