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Political Science
C Jung

Life of Debt - Movie Exam format; 6 questions on the midterm – big concepts to define and discuss ex. Import substitution, industrialization (ISI – dependency theory- why did governments implement ISI?- borad picture) relate these questions to other themses of the class. Best answers would include the mechanisms of the topic- ex. Mechanisms (policies) of ISI. There will be choices. Reference readings? Yes and no. reference what you learned in the class-through both the reading and lecture. You don’t need to memorize the author or what each person said, just make sure you know the major topics- ex. Dependency theory. There will not be anu questions in the exam that will ask you to name the author-just make friggen sure you know the big themes. These answers are not essays- purely informational. What you know and what you can show you know. Each answers will probably be two pages of the book let. Easiest way to structure it is devoting one page to show how ISI fits into the class and how it links back to the concept of development and your second page discussing the policies nations went through when their government adopted the ISI system. This movie is about structural adjustment – IMF and the impact of the system on the economy in Jamaica.  (In the beginning of the movie they stated that the IMF team was in Jamaica for a four day period)  Horst Kohler- “ issue is to make globalization work for all”  If you come to Jamaica as a tourist you will expiernce something completely different than the actual locals. Tourists don’t realize that when Jamaican enter your nation they are kept in immigration/boarder lines for a long time, while you are quickly accomadated  To understand the IMF in Jamaica you have to look at its history in Jamaica – former PM of Jamaica. The key institusion after the war was imf – to turn to a bank for a short term trading interest after the world, you belonged to a greater power in the world.  when Jamaica wished from independence of great biritan – we wished for something else- and now we cannot remember what it was that we wished for  Countries like Jamaica realized that when they became free they were in great economic failure because they were not strong enough to stand by their selves- they needed time and support to grow fiscally. The oil ciris really hit Jamaica hard- all of a sudden they had took look for money they have never seen before  Thus, the IMF was the system they resorted to.  “we are not for sale” bare in mind that this is country beginning to unravel because it cannot support itself financially  IMF- we understand the crisis you are in and are ready to help.  PM- argued that IMF said long term plan was Jamaica’s own problem- the IMF only gave money short term but put extreme policies against them – that they believed would have solved all their problems  PM- how will all these policies work? Before we can pay you back, we may be dead by then.  Jamaica lacks nessieties like hospitals  When the government failed to meet their resotrations to the IMF they had to make another loan agreement – thus, the cycle continues  IMF- devalue the currency. – get this from Sahar or Serena  Jamica doesn’t even have a proper way to dipose their suage. Tourists don’t realize that most of the food they eat is shipped from Miami.  Locale – farming could be the backdone of jamican economy but we see that all agriculture is going to waste because of all the imports from foreign nations  Right infront of any harverting you can see imported goods – which is really sad because they could have made a lot of money based on their locally produced food. Ex. They had so much land you grow carrots – but they cant because jamica i
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