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Lecture 13

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Political Science
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Lecture 13; January 8 , 2012 Was Democracy Just a Moment? Fukuyama -Countries turning from authoritarianism and apartide and communism to democracy -democracy is ultimate form of government -not just the end of cold war, but end of history as such like man kinds ideological evolution, with demo as the final form of human government, so democracy is highest achievement. Teleological -all things designed towards end result, so cause for all that exists -history is not just a random amalgam of events, it builds towards historical end Marxism -each phase of eco destruction within it had a seed towards its own destruction -capitalism has too much surplus and collapse with over production and leads to socialism, -Marx has teleogical conception of history, which ends in communism Fukuyama -Marxist frame of historical analysis, uses it to argue, and free market is the end of history -Takes framework that marx is famous for, dialectic materialism, argue that its democracy and free market that are the end of history -not “the end of the world” it’s the end of history as in history has achieved its endpoint -Teleological end point: demo is good, widespread and democracy is here to stay Kaplan (reading) -democracy is not necessarily good, -real democracy is hardly widespread, -democracy is becoming less democratic and it is not here to stay -he says democracies are value neutral -democracy is a set of institutions that translate the will of majority into govt institutions or government policies -demo govt does nothing but translate the will of people into leaders of policy like hitler and Mussolini -democracy can lead to bad results essentially he says -raises question of what definition of kaplans definition of democracy: thin or thick defn of democracy -here he works with a thin definition: electoral mechanism in this sense -this is the model of democracy, elections, that by IMF, WB, USA, Canada has civil society and human rights, but comes to rest on elections -many countries across the world just export the “electoral mechanism” of democracy, not the complete exportation, which leads to violence and chaos in countries that are not prepared for them -democracy emerges successfully as a capstone to other social and economic achievement -democracy is outgrowth of other developments -reaches a certain level of complexity and sophistication What are the social and eco achievement that produce democracy? literacy and education -democratic public should be informed (policies that leaders propose) -democracy imposes obligations on its citizens: one is that they be informed so you need to be literate -this so
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