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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

Politics of Development J Week 3: September 27 , 2010 th Themes from Last Week: Why would Industrial Revolution have happened in Britain but not elsewhere? Way in which government was implicated in creating the market. Modernization - In 1950s was change in field of political science J started to conduct research outside of Europe and North America o Driven by impulses: Cold War, decolonization, economic growth Cold War: - Began in early 1950s between US and USSR, superpowers tried to divide the world through the lenses of democracy and communism o What will make more countries democratic? How can we bring more countries into our sphere of influence? Dominant concerns of Western superpowers. Funding for research in global South, CIA and Ford Foundation funded Decolonization: - Starting in 1948 with India, most countries manage to become independent in 1950s, mostly over by 1963 o For first time, politics in parts of the world considered devoid of politics Before this, colonial power and subjects Now domestic politics in those countries N :2:] ZL]Ko]LZ}K]L}LZ}}o}27ZL[ place to study political organization and motivation, but many political scientists were inspired by political uprising against global control, studied struggles for independence, nationalist struggles Economic Growth: - Rise in GDP worldwide, after end of WWII world economy took off - Economic growth particularly impressive in Western democracies, also existed in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Turkey o Strides driven by and resulted in many important changes on the ground (urbanization, literacy, media engagement, mobility, political participation) Passing of traditional society - Political scientists defined development as a product of modernization, viewed countries through the lens of modernization o Underdeveloped societies are traditional - Lerner uses Balgat to illustrate what the features of tradition are o Isolation
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