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Political Science
C Jung

thPOL201Lecture 02 September 17 2013MilenapandyutorontocaThe Making of Economic Society and the Industrial RevolutionOrganization Production ConsumptionIndustrial RevolutionHeilbroner identifies three ways Tradition Command and MarketTraditional way of organization production and organizationSame way done historicallySons go into same trades as fathersPeasants grow harvest like ancestorsTrade guilds ensured that goods are produced in ways that are uniformEverything gets done same way CommandThere is central playBeuaratcratic decision makers decide how much will be producedSoviet union is best known exampleFamous for its 5 year plansOnce plan was made it determined scope of production consumption etcWith no more for adaptation or changes circumstancesThe market th Until 19 century the prod and organization was done by tradition or commandWas no separate economic sphereWas governed by social and political aspect of life beforeMost relavant way of organzing social and political life was feudal systemFeudal system imp because its emblematic of what happened beforeThe way goods were produced and circulated and according to what rulesAlso imp to think about what needed to be undermined and destroyed in order to create space for a market economyThe Fuedal systemSystem of hierarchyInhereited privelge and social relations based on historical obligationStatic and rigidLords ruled over manors serfs were attached to manorsSerfs couldnt leave manor
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