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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

October 4, 2010 Colonialism o Venn Diagrams: Factory Employment; Production of Surplus; Economic Specialization Urbanization; Literacy; Media Participation Union Organization; Political Organization; Demands for Universal Suffrage o How can we make the example in Great Britain play itself out in other parts of the world o Mostly, modernization theorists had it wrong; Some countries have appeared to follow the model of modernization leading to democracy, but most did not o What explains persistent wide disparities in wealth? o Colonialism Maps throughout the 1900s o Among the 94 countries in the world, 64 are former colonies o Most of those are developing countries o We see a correlation between a status as a former colony and poverty today o This is a big part of what social scientists do - try to find causality and explanations of why certain things vary o Develop accounts of how and why colonialism might have led to underdevelopment o Two readings for today are giving us similar but not quite the same answer o One looks at Nigeria by looking at pre-colonial conditions and then on to the second world war and beyond o Nigeria does not become Nigeria until colonization in the 1900s o The reading doesnt really dwell on this but this is important o In the so-called scramble of Africa, the colonial powers drew boundaries that arbitrarily excluded different groups the boundaries of present-day Africa stays and are based on those colonial boundaries o The first part of the reading focuses on conditions of Nigeria o It is important to be attentive to starting conditions o What was their level of development 100 years ago? o Pre-colonial starting point: The political system The slave trade Technological capacity o Yoruba Kingdoms (picture)
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