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Lecture #2

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

nd POL201Y 2 Lecture September 20 , 2010 Head TA: Melissa Levin [email protected] Industrial Revolution Economic society, market society th th Transformation from feudal to market econ. Too 600 years, from 13 century to 19 century o Started with band of traders moving from village to village across Europe o Culminates in the industrial revolution Kyle bronner identifies 3 ways to organize economies of the world o Traditional economy Sons go into same trade as fathers Trade guilds ensure goods are produced that is uniformed and resistible to innovation Changes in tiny ways from generation to generation Problem with it is that there is no innovation; you are stuck o Market In order to generate the possibility of the market, the feudal system had to be overcome Static Rigid Serfs owed labour to the lord, lord owed protection to the serfs Serfs not allowed to move; from father to son through generations Socially obliged to be dependent on one another
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