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Lecture #3

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

POL201 Lecture 3 September 27 2010 Why the industrial revolution particular to Britain? The way in which the government was implicated in creating the market Modernization In the Eyes of Lerner Cold war between US and Soviet Union o Began in early 1950s o 2 superpowers began to divide the world through the lenses of democracy and communism o US Foreign policy: what conditions will allow countries to adopt democratic governments? A lot of funding granted to study parts of the world Central concern of us government As a result, students begin studying parts of the colonial world 2 impulse driving scientists to study these regions was de- colonization Starting in 1948 with india, most colonies managed to become independent; most countries free by 1963 (short period of time for decolonization) For political scientists, for th first time there are actually politics in parts of the world that had been devoid of politics Africa had been firmly in the domain of anthropology prior to
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