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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

Monday September 27 2010h Modernization In the 1950s, for the first time, political scientists conducted research outside of Europe and North America. Driven by 3 impulses: 1) Cold War: 2 superpowers started to divide the world into two categories (Democracy vs. Communism). 2) Decolonization: Started in 1948 with India and from 1950s, most countries gained independence. For the first time, there are actual politics in these countries. 3) Economic Growth: Rise in GDP worldwide. The world economy after WWII takes off. It existed in many poor countries. Driven on changes on the ground, and produced more changes on the ground: urbanization, literacy, political participation, media engagement, mobility. Passing of tradition society = move from tradition to modernity. Political scientists that went to study countries outside of Europe North America looked at the world through the lens of modernization. Underdeveloped societies = tradition and Developed societies = modernization. Balgat: Traditional village, and may be undergoing modernity. Traditional traits: Isolation: people never leave the village, dont work for wages, not participants of a market economy Lack of information: one radio, limited access to information and is mediated Chief: power, controls Lerner argues that a person with a tradition mindset lacks the ability to imagine somewhere else (lack of empathy). Lack of toleration for difference: Chief values uniformity, resists change Tradition stands in the way of modernization. Grocer is in and of the market. Modern traits: Desire to be something and achieve something greater Likes to travel, demonstrates the ability to imagine
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