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Political Science
C Jung

Pol200Professor JungSeptember2512ModernizationCold war decolonization and economic growth 3 factors that made political scientists go and research outside of Europe around 1950sThe goal after WWII was to shift from communism to democracyThe biggest concern was whether countries should be communist or democraticDecolonization started around 1948 with India and ended around 1960s Political scientists are now able to go to these countries that have decolonized as now politics are involved with in the countries and to study the social movementsAfter WWII the world economy took off in growthThe passing of traditional societythe transition from tradition to modernityModernization was the primary theory that they were trying to prove and see evidence of The defined development is a part of modernization Modernity and development is the same thingFrom the article He links the transition between tradition and modernity Lerner mostly uses Balgat to illustrate what the features of tradition are One of the important features is isolation There is no road no transportation dont work for wages and not participants of a market economy Another marker of tradition is the absence of information Balgat only has one radio of which the chief owns of which only receives the network of official news channel From there the chief interprets the news and translates it upon the fellow tribe A third feature of the tradition is the chief himself He symbolize
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