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Political Science
C Jung

Pol200September1112ProfDevelopment in PoliticsDevelopment generally refers to the process which increases complexityDevelopment measured by GNP gross national product countries with higher GNP are more developed than countries with lowerCritics of development 31As society develops people may start to lose their customs their cultures Thus development may not be that good2The development model seems to presume that all countries of the world should follow the western path of development European style And if they do not conform they are deemed as failures No longer usage of first second third world countries3The term development presumes the goal of wealth creation Wealth should not be a goal itself Since development measures GNP they basically measure wealth of the country or puts wealth as the base variable We measure wealth because of the side benefits such as health care shelter access to food etc therefore we should measure human wellbeingWhat these concerns have led to is making us define what development is and they redefine it and add more variables such as human wellbeing of which
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