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Political Science
C Jung

Pol201Professor JungOctober2312Government Failures in DevelopmentDutch diseasegovernment invests in one sector of the economy and ignores the other sectors It undermines the ignored sectorsAgricultural Sector in AfricaBates argues that if govt in Africa left things to market everything would be betterBut government intervene the economic market thus undermining the market It appears to be an irrational act from an economic perspective but it is perfectly rational from political standpointElements of Agricultural PolicyCost of inputsCost of outputsCost of secondarymanufactured goodsGovt InterventionCost of inputs decrease downCost of manufactured goods increase cost for tractors etc upCost of outputs decrease down1Govt depress the price of cropsThrough monopsonies a market structure that sets the price for the crops it buys from all the farmers store it resells it domestically or internationallyNo competition within and between farmers in the country farmers cannot export products themselves they have to sell it to a marketing boardIf production and sales is controlled by a marketing boardit is called a monopsonyTherefore marketing boards can dictate what the
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