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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
C Jung

Pol201Professor JungOctober212ColonialismIndustrial revolution is the inspiration for the modernization theory Moreover its the first development and also it has become an inspiration for several economic theoriesQuestion what explains persistent wide disparities in wealthfocusing on colonialism todayToday we are not concerned with the effects of colonialism on the colonial powers but on the countries that have been colonized The colonization period of the Americas were much earlier than the rest of the world basically the entire global south has been colonized There is a strong correlation between the past colonial experienced countries and modern day povertymost countries that were colonized are also poor todaythus political scientists thought out a possible causal theory to explain this One thought was that colonialism distorted development and what might have been a standard trajectory of development Another thought was gathering statistical data and compareanalyze the information to make plausible argumentsExample 1 NigeriaNigeria doesnt become Nigeria until they became colonized Different preconditions have different impacts in different parts of Nigeria Its important to be attentive to starting conditionsPrecolonial starting point the preconditions that had an effectThe political systemThe poli
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