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Post Winter Break-Week 13

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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

Post Break Lecture January 10, 2011 > Part One of the year was focused on theories of development > Part Two is all about theories of democracy and linking the two together WAS DEMOCRACY JUST A MOMENT? By Robert Kaplan - he frames relationships between development and democracy - contrary to F. Fukuyama the End of History and last man.. who argues that the advent of a liberal democracy is the final and ultimate form of human government, it is the highest achievement possible * Karl Marx Teleology based on telos meaning ultimate purpose or goal, was the study of design and purpose. - these stages of development lead to the goal; Primitive Communism Slave Society Feudalism Capitalism Socialism Communism: Final Stage - Each stage precedes the next, and is therefore not possible w the previous stage - The teleological end point is communism - Fukuyama uses this analysis and says that democracy and the market are the final end of history - He doesnt meant hat the world will end, rather history has achieved its end-point - democracy is the highest pint of human organization and the endpoint of history. Fukuyama says: Kaplan says: 1. Democracy is good 1. Democracy is not necessarily good 2. Democracy is widespread 2. Nor is it widespread 3. Democracy is here to stay 3. Is becoming less democraticnot here to stay
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