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Electoral system

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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

February 7, 2011 ELECTORAL SYSTEMS AND REPRESENTATION Voting maters because it lodges sovereignty in the people, if this happens 2 conditions are satisfied: 1. it legitimates governments, Leaders, and legislation (unlike historically political elites claimed to act as god) it legitimates system of governments and their decisions 2. Obligates citizens to abide by government laws and policies citizenship includes both rights and responsibilities; the obligation to abide by those decision of those leaders decision is judged legitimate and democratic (direct) the most common instance of direct democracy is a referendum, a piece of policy submitted to public for rejection or approval e.g. proposition 8 California (direct) historically democracy came about bu enlarging the franchise, initially limiting voters to male white property owners, as they were only considered capable of excluding along lines of class, gender and color class exclusion was slowly abolished race was the next thing to fall and after WWI gender was the last marker as a boundary to citizenship fell. Universal suffrage is a universally engrained principle of democracy today Important for both thin and thick conceptions of democracy Types of Electoral systems: Are never neutral No system preclude the possibility that any one could win
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