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POL201Y Jan 17th Notes

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Political Science
Melissa Levin

Historical characteristics of state society in third worldmove into discussion on authoritarian regimestry to understand what those mean for transition to democracyMain Characteristics of statesociety in 3rd worldattempt to control masses in their society how incorporate certain groups for objectives of the elites do they try to cope to social forces etc etcso how do they do it in 3rd world countries historicallyin terms of ss relations patrimonialism corruption clientalism corporatismthese are 4 historical main features of the society in 3rd world Patrimonliams refer to max weber its reflective of traditionalist state a state prior to advant of modernity so in terms of how we have understood statehood we understand it in traditional linear calculationsPatromonial is in traditionalist terms its system articulates kind of authority with focus on leaderLoyalty kinship ties to leader and public office is exercised as private propertyThe resources of state used privately by the small elite the resource dished out to supporters and followers ie classic case is like country borrowing from the leaderCorruptionidea of corruption sometimes can be very misleading you often regard every problem to corruption of the third world or developing countries but we have to be careful when we do thiscorruption has been an important way in which statesociety functon in developing worldCorruption is illegal its not sanctioned it takes place when public officials confers benefits and services to access and finance thingsindividuals that they may not be entitled to thru bribes for exampleVarious levels of corruptionsBasic level of corruptiongiving advantages in lines for example to people u know very small scale corruptionFor some corruption it could be greasing the wheel of a terrible system may push the system to functionOn higher level the corruption can influence policies via underhand payments to influential leaders SuperPACSmoney through superpacs legalized through supreme court as long as not governed by candidates they can recieve money that doesnt necessary need disclosing thus can recieive millions of dollars froom sponsors breaking the 2k donation rule these often funded by lobbyists these are legal so are they corruption they certainly resmble corruptionSo corruption is usually a threat to government they mean that not all of us are equal not all of us have capacity to pay off any levels of the state like rich niggas can
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