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POL201Y Feb 28th Notes

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Political Science
Melissa Levin

Official Development AIDlast 2 classes we did poverty and disease in povertyso some ways to combat poverty we remember the shit from world bank some strategies to combat poverty but really market related strategies like ones compatible with free market policiesbeyond those strategies we have one of the ways for generations attempted is through Aid what is known as OFFICIAL DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCEwhy is aid debated it enhances quality of life and such but whether or not it is sustainable and long term for massive scale is up to debate thoughofficial development assistance we usually use the term defined by the OECD and OECDs Development Assistance Commitee check slide here2 criterias slidecan be concessional loan low interest ratesin a nut shell we are talking about transfer of resources from developed to developing countries in forms of gifts grants or loanslestor pierson proposed rich countries aspire to achieving 07of their GDPs be given to AID and that was in the alte 60s this claim was made and since then we can have a look at official develoment asof GDP and we can see the only country who has achieved this is Denmark Luxemberg Netherlands Norway and Sweden we can see the United States tiny in their GDP whats also important about the US figure is AID CONDITIONALITY and where the aid actually goesCanada whos idea it was gives within the region of about 03does it workcan aid sustain poverty approach or cantsome questions raised is issue of corruption mismangement and economic dependencyso if we look at CORRUPTION hisotrically government not having used the aid to help poverty but for a source of patrimonial support for acheicving own political endsone of way in which global has attempted to stop corruption use of these funds had been a conditionality a conditionality is really a stipulation attached to a loanRequires that certan measures be taken by recipient or that aid be used in specific way
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