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POL201Y March 20th Notes

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Political Science
Melissa Levin

Women gender and developmentPatriarchal Engender Modelmaintained by use of force etcthink of high rates of domestic violenceway to tame and domesticate women thru use of force or violence though individualized it has social context disciplined within social context manifests into private public spherewomen play key role in production and labour force they literally for only reproduction secondary also for key functions of childrenwomen play key roles in raising the boys who at 1 point will subordinate women so they are complicit in their own subordinationthirdly key role in reproducting and producting they also do household chores which frees up employment for menhousehold is the important space in which welfare is provided to workers unpaid labour of women domesticated labour allows capital to underpay workers because they dont in turn have to do household stuffwomen disproportionate amount of community work to maintain community they do welfare work even if paid its verypoorly paid workanother elemnt of sexual division of labour work in home is not recognized socially or analytically since we tend to draw a line in what goes on in a market price and what goes on in private sphereso we are able to calculate in GDP terms in all sorts of economic measures in what is consumed and what is producedDomestic work which is work is invisible no mechanism to calculateso the patriarchal engender model exists in the crude way represnted in very crude and broad wayreality is that in developed world not restricted to this model its not because we ended the dichotomy here or ended the egalitariantheres been huge changes in our economic situations developed world middleclass women has been able to become educated incomes more empowered by virtue of changes in legal setting that tends to benefit womenin addition whats happened and in particulary in developing world austerity
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