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Race, Ethnicity & Gender in Democracy

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

February 14 Race, Ethnicity & Gender in Democracy Race-Making and the Nation-State Anthony Marx States make race. What, how, why? Eugenics 1) Races exist and they are different 2) Some are superior and inferior than others 3) Aproject of the human race involving breeding out the inferior races. Eugenicists spent a lot of time measuring body parts, so that people could be classified by distinct biological identities. World fairs exhibited human zoos, where primitive people were brought to the fair and placed in recreated environments. They were meant to educated Europeans on the different types of humans. Saartjie (or Sara) Baartman: 1789-1815 In US eugenics validated slavery. By the end of WWII, eugenics was finished. But it had its high point during Nazi Germany. Because of the holocaust and the experiments done during that period, eugenics because delegitimized. It became morally unacceptable. Scientists found that there is .01% genetic variations within the human population, and this difference can be found within racial groups. Only 8% is found within the various continents. Populations that are historically isolated, then you may find genetic similarities within that population. But there are two levels on which to say that
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