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Democracy and Development

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Political Science
Melissa Levin

POL201 Lecture 1 January 24 2012Cont from 0117 PreconditionsPoverty and inequality o Seymore Lipset o Can democracy increase equityNational unity o In order to have a democracy you need a basic level of national unityEveryone believes their bound together and interested in participating in the same institutions o Fundamental disagreement can affect the amount democracy can create policyModernization esp the emergence of a large middle classBut some identify the working class as keyCultureDemocratic transitionsThird wave democratization1974 275 of the worlds countrieselectoral democracies1996 63 o Wave refers to more countries are moving towards the opposite direction o Tsunami and unravels authoritarian regimes across the globe How do regimes unravel 1 Political factorsDivisions among the ruling eliteresurrection of civil society 2 Economic factors Economic conditionsincluding debt crisis and collapse of communism 3 Transnational factorsHuman rightsPressure for democratization from international actors including good governance conditionalitiesEnd of the cold warDemonstration effect
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