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Political Science
Melissa Levin

Lecture 1 (January 10) - question of what is a state - definitions by Weber, and Rueschemeyer and Evans - Weber has classical version of definition - characteristics of states: - institutions, rule-making, hold ultimate power of coercion - what do they do? - need to survive - states concerned with survival from external and internal forces - must defend territory through various forces - making policy/rules advances development of borders - relating to objectives of economic growth, industrialization, improving citizen quality of life, etc. - to do this, state needs to extract resources from society i.e. taxation, or pillage and plunder - in command economy, through surplus of state owned production - regime: how power is distributed within a political system, essentially the "rules of the game" - i.e. a democracy is a regime type - government: those in power at a given moment, who control the mechanisms in place - main difference between state and government - state: difficult to chang
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