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01-24-11 Democratic Transitions

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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

P&D: Democratic Transitions Jan 24 2011 Cause of the first wave was modernization. N Literacy, factory work, rise of middle class o Brought on by revolution 1924-1942 J 22 democracies became undemocratic, first wave over 15 yrs after wave 1. Imposition o Germany, Italy, Japan Democracy imposed on them 2. Decolonization N India, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria etc Third Wave N April 1974 o 9}2Z] }ZZ]}Z}L] }^ L]}LZ}o]}L_ When this began only 40 democracies in world N mostly advanced industrial nations. N Military and 1 party dictatorships were the norm in Latin America, Asia, East Europe, Middle East. Since 1974, democracies are on the rise. Spain, Greece, Portugal N >[ZJ o[Z o Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil N ,]}o[Z o Philippines, S. Korea (87) Taiwan (87) Bengladesh (91) Eastern Europe. By 1987 2 of every 5 countries were democracies. Still the regional phenomenon was not global. o This changes in 1989 (Berlin Wall) o Fall of Soviets 1999 These also had an effect on Africa. Many proxy wars were fought in Africa. o War in Angola, started in 1974 o Gained independence , result of Portuguese coup N Gave up colonies
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