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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

March 14, 2011 MULTICULTURALISM How do liberal democratic states deal with cultural religious and linguistic difference? Democratic self identification is almost universal Appeal to democratic principles to achieve legitimacy Race, ethnicity, language and religion are dominant sources of political claims at the same time of the third wave of democracy (spreading throughout the world) Democracy and ethnic politics are on the rise. How do both interact?? Q. What are the obligation s of the state towards thse who are culturally distinct Types of Groupstypes of minorities Kymlicka: - He distinguishes 2 types of histories that produce multiethnic states 1. National Minorities 2. Ethnic Minorities The differences in the accommodations groups deserve, depends on how they came to be where and who they are (history) a country that has national minorities is multinational, if it has immigrant minorities then its polyethnic, most countries are both National Minorities; are regionally concentrated (territorially) not geographically dispersed throughout state, the have a common memoryhistory They have functioning institutions, schools, governing bodies etc They share and distinct language and culture Only under multiculturalism do founding nations based on this title get more rights What produces national minorities? By conquest or colonizers in the case of Indigenous people Territory giving up one to a country (Louisiana to USA) There is a level of coercion involved
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