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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Sophia Moreau

PARTICIPATION Liberal democracy is used as though it were a single unit, but liberalism and democracy are not the same and one can exist wo the other. Democracy about rights and freedom and democracy is about Illiberal democracy exists as well, in which rights and freedoms are not respected but you may still have elections Liberalism existed before democracy, it vests sovereignty in the people but also places limits on who counts as the people and establishes a boundary bw public and private Its about limiting power, it rests power from monarchy and vests it in the people, they are concerned that democracy is a very radically egalitarian idea, that if people have the political voice is they will redistribute economic power ** main concern of liberals Liberalism is about setting limits on that power to the people a conservative idea. Classical liberalism enshrined, equality before the law and equal rights but not Participation is not a Paradox: Who thinks it is and why? Rational Choice Theorists: wouldnt everyone sit around and benefit from public good wo working towards it If it is a public good you will get that good anyway so it is not rational to participate It become imperative to explain why people participate Why participate? (According to authors survey) They are looking for what types of benefits flow from the activism, what kinds of different benefits they get from different activities Selective Benefits: - Benefits you get only if you participate Expressive benefits: - the activism itself is a benefit - the activism is fun and I get to meet people ( not a physical benefits) 2 Types of Gratification:
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