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lec. jan. 17

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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

POL201 LEC. JAN 17 THICK AND THIN DEMOCRACY -this lecture should serve as an introduction to democratic theory concepts and normative propositions. -in last 60 years the number of democracy has risen steadily, and dramatically since 1889. -in 2009 the distribution of freedome in the world looked like this >>the map -freedome hase is an organization that assigns ratings to countries around the world based on how democratic they are, and freedom house and many other organizations, correlate freedom with democracy, they measure democracy and freedom along a continuum, the most democratic country are those with the highest level of freedom. -then you are likely to measure democracy along a continuem with freedom, if you have more or less freedom then that means you can be more or less democratic. -on the other hand if your indicator of democracy is elections, then democracy is a dichotomis variable, you either have democracy or you are not democratic, you either have free and fair elections or you dont have free or fair elections. =depending on what you define demoacy by, you can have more or less democracy, or you can have a dichotomic democracy. -the growth of democracy has among aother other things has created a prolifaeration of meanings of democracy. -now that dmoeacy has become a stamp of legitimiation, we have the word meaning different things to different people in different parts of the world. -thus there is confusion on the definitnio of democracy. -so in this course, we are not going to try to come up with a single defn of what democracy is, but we are going to explore what the different definitinos are and why they are different and who uses these defininions. -all the definionts have normative content, they have purpose. -we start by posing the question: IS DEMORACY PRIMARIILY A MECHISNM ELECTIONS THAT ROTATES POLITICAL LEADERS IN OFFICE; OR IS IT PRIMIARILY A COMMITEMENT TO THE TWIN IDEALS OF FREEDOM AND EQUALITY?? -demcoracy means literally: is power to the people, it derives from two greek words demos (people) and kratos (power) -direct democracy is when the people discuss and decide on matters of public policy. -in Athens we had direct democracy where thousands of people got together to discuss public policy.
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