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Political Science
Sophia Moreau

Multiculturalism Liberalism is about how to deal with difference in society. Multiculturalism is the same How to liberals deal with social, cultural differences? Democratic self identification is almost universal Principles of democracy are hegemonic because every country feels the need to appeal to democratic values Rise of ethnicity, race, religion, as a way of political policy making coincided with rise of democracy around the globe Both democracy and ethnic politics are on the rise, how do they interact? 2 Questions o Normative, obligations of states to those distinct? o What are the mechanisms employed to meet demands? Policies, institutions etc Types of Groups & Solutions Kymlicka distinguishes two types of groups that distinguish types of stats o National Minorities and Immigrant Societies Dont deal with ethnic difference as if they are the same, different groups require different solutions You have historical differences which dictate how they came to be where they are. It is what matters when they are adapting solutions Countries with national minorities = multi-national. If It has immigrant minorities = polyethnic Most countries are both National Minorities Territorially bounded or concentrated Historical community, common history
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