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thSeptember 29 2011 Lecture 3American Political Development and FederalismEssay Idea Federalist Paper68 and the GOP Presidential Primary RaceThink about this in terms of the spectacle of the Primary RaceReview The ConstitutionArticle of ConfederationCrisis that occurred at 2 different levels I Excessive power at the state level II Ineffective national governmentYou can understand constitution as liberal documentRule of law Security Economic developmentUltimate conflict Legislative process was designed to be inefficientMost important facet of American constitutionAspect of American constitutionalism that has been most enduringWhat features of the American constitution make it inefficientSeparation of branchesSeparation combined with separate modes of selectionDifferent policy agencies Elected for different periods of times System designed to have different relations with publicthHistory of American constitutionalism in 20 centuryBuild to overcome burdens in the constitutionTo make power more efficientImportant thing about SenateOriginally for a very long time was elected by state legislaturesImportant to note because it reveals changing dynamic of American federalismSmall change that had massive ramificationsArgument of LectureAmerican feudalism is closely connected to a series of critical junctures that occurred during the course of American political historyBalance of power and national government all relateAnalyze some sources that consider how it developed in its earlier stages Cant understand contemporary debate of federalism without understanding pastPart of the problemconfusing is neither republics or democrats understand the full scope of what changed especially the transformation associated with the New DealNew deal radically changes many aspects of American politicsChange was never formally authorizedIssues that come out of New deal are constantly being re arguedFederalist Paper10Major Idea The Constitution and Faction Attempt to provide a kind of social economic theory thats in the background of the constitutional structure Implicit idea about what kind of government will exist under this constitutionMadison argues you need a certain kind of geography Central problem with all political life is FactionFaction evil interest group interested in going against common good Real problem is that majorities can be factions A community that decides to rule in its own interest opposing everyone elseNot enough to have words written on a piece of paper constitutionVarious ways of dealing with FactionsGive everyone the same interestsEgalitarian society where there are no major diffs between peopleSociety where people are not allowed to differ ie religion etcDiversity minimumTwo problems I If it works it is horrible II It will never worksHow can society be shaped to minimize the problem of majority factions If you multiply interests enough Itll be extraordinary for one group to permanently impede the position of power As long you dont have a permanent group with a consolidated interestItll be difficult for a factional majority to formRepublicanism at the National Level
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