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Parties and Elections

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Political Science
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January 12 2012Parties and Elections The relationship between the state and the economyPolitical economy how politics intervenes into the economyThe future of American capitalism will be in stake for the 2012 elections rdIdeological and the 3 party movements happen over time y Ron Paul is the present day example of the new ideological strain within the republican politics The nature of the parties of United States y Ideological differences y Elites and shifting alliances Elections and the rules of the game 1 Selecting candidates the role of the primaries 2 Follow the money campaign finance reform 3 Congressional v presidential electionsElection campaigns y Are they important or do elections depend on other factors like the economy structural and economic forces do they predict elections y Demographic determinants structural advantages y Elections are not determined before hand by structural factors y Instability of the parties make the elections difficult to predict y The party system are stable as organizations y The ability of the P to manage coalitions is hard to predict y The system operates like the Madison predicted there have never been a longstanding ruling coalition y Instability so its tricky to hold stable winning coalitions Presidential primaries y Development of them helps us understand the party system y What are primaries Selecting candidates for electionsy Candidates must win the majority of delegates of the nominating convention Dem v Rep y Dem proportional representation y Rep different rules state by state Open v closed y Who can vote in the primary y Closed are restricted to party membersPrimaries v caucusesy Stability v participation y Stability has been the focus for most of American history until 1972 y There are different ways of selection candidates y As late as 1968 the Dems have chosen a candidate who has not won a primary
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