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The Politics of the Financial Crisis

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Political Science
Ryan Hurl

thPOL203Y1 US Government and Politics March 5 2012 The Politics of the Financial CrisisDuring financial crisis people saw series of events and explanations they gave were their ideological predispositionsLeft wing perspective Financial crisis is story about the consequences of limited govt action govt deregulationIf smarter people were in charge then crisis could have been avoidedRight wing perspective the crisis is a consequence not of deregulation or inactive govt but was consequence ofCrisis is what occurs in capitalist economy not clear how to avoid these crises many of the actions that precipitated the crisis can be understood as errorReview The Question of InequalityImmigration is highly plausible can in many cases increase inequalityThe Financial Crisis of 2008 What happenedFinancial crisis was crisis of creditMajor financial institutions were no ableor are willing to do theseIn variety of ways economy relies on access to creditGovernment Failure JacobsKingTo understand why crisis occurred must understand it through financial deregulationEnforcement is dispersed making it difficult t
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