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Political Science
Ryan Hurl

POL203Y1Lecture Feb2 2012 US Government and Politics Public Opinion Citizens and Interest Groups st 1 stageThe Partisan Era Parties are the primary conduit for participation Almost all political activity is channelled in political partiesEverything is organized in partisan termsThe ProgressiveTransitionKey goal a direct link between government and the people Attack is made on old partisan systemin terms of vision of citizen participationcould be more direct was more evident at the state level not national levelTwo Tiered PoliticsNew forms of direct participation lobbying litigation direct public action New kinds of organizations enter into politicscourts become more open to political claims or claims based upon rightsOther types of direct public actioncivil rights movement example of successful citizen action had an effect on party system as wellNotion that parties are becoming increasingly less significant having difficulty mobilizing public opinion thus the notion of two tiered politicsTwo tiered system lobbying or litigating by interest groups and a public that seems more disengaged from political lifepublic not as connected to parties as they have been in the past The Future of CitizenshipDeclining Social Capital For reasons that were possibly irreversibleAt one time political activity was rooted in non political group membershipbecomes a disengaged public and a highly engaged active eliteTea party is an example of how social capital still matterthey are a kind of proof of the significance of social capitalThe emergence of citizen activism is not a sign that the top tier interest groups have disappearnew kind of citizen activism Or new opportunities for engagement The trouble with active political participation
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