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Sebastian Baglioni

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Last lecture, next Wednesday Midterm EU institutions: The European Council/ The Council of Ministers 10 am to 12 pm Haultain Building Room 403 1) Format: ID questions: 10% each (4 out of 7 options) 40% total of midterm. Define the concept and relevance of it. Why is it important. ½ paragraph is enough. 2) Compare-contrast question 25% (1 out of 2). Relationship between 2 concepts. Question about democratic deficit between 2. Define deficit. Compare parliament and smth else. 3) Short essay question 35% (1 out of 2). Essay format – intro/ thesis, arguments, conlusion. 2-3 pages. All the readings up to the point + lectures. No questions that have been in the essay. Theories, all the topics that have been covered but not included in the essay. 1) Define the “Councils” 2) Identify its composition & organization 3) Identify its responsibilities 4) Assess its power/influence 5) Identify potential problems 1)  The European council Informal semi-regular meeting of the heads of member states - Heads of State or Government of EU countries. It was not recognized as a formal recently. - Regular meeting (4 times a year minimum, lately 6/7) - Highest level of political and policy-making decisions  The Council of Ministers or the Council - Government Ministers of each EU country - Weekly meetings – very regular ongoing working schedule – council constantly working - Detailed decision and passing of EU law - Its permanent. Working all the time, making decisions every day  The Council of Europe - NOT an EU institution (46 members, all 27 eu members , not - Intergovernmental organization. - No supra nationality, just cooperation, each state has its sovereignty - Protect human rights, promote cultural diversity and combat discrimination and prejudice - ECHR (not part of EU but Human Right issues prestigious body) 2)  Council of Ministers - Member State representation (opposite to the commission) Commission is based on supra nationality, defend and protect interest of Europe not national state interest) - Government Ministers (rotating) + Commissioner - Intergovernmental - They represent the interest of their own countries. What best for France not EU as an example. Protecting national interests - 6 month Rotating presidency of each member state (more formal than powerful) ( someone has to control the debate and control the meetings) ( no special privileges) - Minister’s power (whole Government) – speaks of the whole country. - National Parliament control (accountability) - Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) representation at EU level. Ambassadors of member states to EU. Applies to all issued except: finance, external relations and agriculture) these 3 policy areas – they are specialized working group for Council Configurations: 1) General Affairs & External Relations ( 2009 and split later into 2) 2) Economic and Financial Affairs ( ECOFIN) 3) Justice and Home Affairs 4) Employment, Social, Health & Consumer Affairs 5) Competitiveness 6) Transport 7) Agriculture and Fisheries 8) Environment 9) Education, Youth and Culture All the ministers would deal with a particular configuration/issue directly. Environmental issues for environment council. 2) Identify its composition and organization  European Council -Presidents/Prime Ministers _ President of the Commission -High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy (double representation of commission by 2 representati
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