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September 22 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Randall Hansen

POL207 LECTURE 1 220910 Europe in 1945 Readings: online, do it! 1918 is interesting as its most transformational for East. Collapse of Otoman, and Habsburg. Revolution in Russia. West Europe remained intact. o If Germany was so weakened in 1919, how could I bring the world to its knees 20 years later. o Was Germanys outcome inevitable despite Versailles? Of all the historical junctures that are central to understanding European politics, 1945 is the most important for two reason: o The division of Europe, the Iron Curtain. The aftermath of WWII, all countries reflected on their institutional agreements afterward. Three questions posed in this lecture: o What lessons did constitutional designers draw in 1945, and how did this lesson-drawing manifest itself legally and institutionally? Germany: Stunde Null Signed unconditional surrender. 10 million Germans dead, and the country directly or indirectly responsible for tens of millions of deaths. The country was isolated, loathed, financially bankrupt, physically leveled, dismembered and divided. However, the totality of defeat provided few clear lesons, as the constitutional designers in 1945 looked back at not one failed ststae but two. o Nazis and Weimar o Suffered from entirely different problems. o With Nazis: Hyper-centralization.
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