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September 29 Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Randall Hansen

POL203 Lecture 3 290910 1. Written docs: Magna Carta, 1689 Bill of Rights, and the 191149 Parliament Acts, Seminal legal texts: Bagehot, Dicey, Marshall o Queen wanted to pay texts, but constitution said that taxes would be raised for the Queen, she was not to pay. o 1149 2. Unwirrten practices: (a) Doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty What the Queen enacts in Parliament is law.; even a written British constitution can always be amended by the next parliament. o British take this idea of PS very seriously. o Reason UK has problem with European integration. o UK has high patriotism. o Institutional Nationalism. (b) Conventions: broadly held views of what is and what is not acceptable behavior. o Change over time. o Why is it now that British feel that if a major change is wanted, there must be a referendum Bc of former history with split of Labour Party. Not legally needed to hold one in UK, but is a convention. Unconstitutional can thus only mean contrary to convention; thus broad contours outliner before also make up the British constitution. Parliamentary sovereignty undermined by: Britains accession to the EU and by devolutionincorporation of ECHR. o Always have to check the Parliament is in accordance with EU legislation. Implications Traditional argument = provides flexibility, evolves in response to changing social and political conditions. o German and Austrain law dictates how much foam is on a beer.
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